Why You Shouldn’t Design Your Own Logo

I’ve been out of the logo design biz for a little while, but recently did a logo for a friend over at the Paintball Professor.com and was inspired to write this post.

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your costs down. But there are times when doing so can be detrimental – especially when it comes to branding your company’s image.

Designing your own logo is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. You may save money over the long haul, but an unoriginal logo that imitates another company’s, or isn’t understood by your customers, can have unwanted consequences.

So, before you sit down with logo design tools, or premade templates, here are some reasons why you’ll be better off letting an expert handle the job:

It’s Too Personal
You may have a logo idea that has special personal meaning to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it also may be so personal that it really has nothing to do with the business, creating a company branding nightmare.

Perhaps you’ve come up with an image and font that helps build that sentimental feeling you have towards a specific design, but it doesn’t fit your business. You’re so close to it that it’s hard to be objective. Remember: Giving the wrong impression about your business to your customers can be something that’s hard to reverse.

It’s Not Your Area of Expertise
You know everything there is about how to run your business and how to stay ahead of the pack in a competitive market. But trying to design your own logo typically falls out of that realm of expertise. A design expert will have the proper knowledge and tools, and an eye for what’s the best logo fit for your particular business.

Moreover, a graphic designer will have the skills and expertise to keep your logo fresh. If modifications are needed to an original design, they have the sensibility to know when and how those are needed.

You Have Enough on Your Plate
If you’re a new business owner, you have a hundred other things to worry about than designing the ideal logo. And that’s not where you want to concentrate your efforts, anyway. The time and skill it takes to design a logo should not be underestimated.

You Need Options
Enough of your time will be taken just trying to design one logo. A good graphics design expert will provide you with several options to choose from, plus they’ll be working on a strict timeline that you’ve set for them. You’ll get the design you want, when you want it, and you’ll have more time to devote to the important daily activities of running your business.

You Need The Right Tools
Designing a proper logo requires special tools and resources that you probably don’t have on hand. And even if you have access to them, do you know how to use them correctly? You need effective tools, hardware and, of course, expertise to do the job right.

Also, designers will have access to the newest tools and latest technology – which can in turn lead to a new way that your brand can be represented. They’ll be ready at the right time if modifications are needed.